Our Philosophy

Bringing the spirit of community to all lovers of the underwater world

Apnea is not only sharing our passion for snorkeling as a sport, or as a method of training the body and mind, but also as a unique means of exploring the aquatic environments of Quebec, the other provinces of Canada, and all the magical places that this world can bring us.

This Philosophy is based on the few pillars that we consider fundamental:

Pleasure and Relaxation

We are a team of enthusiasts and as such we are intimately convinced that the practice of an activity like sports apnea must be above all a way to have fun.

We believe in the pleasure of discovering a unique world simply by putting one's head under water, and by evolving in weightlessness within a unique fauna and flora.

Or simply marvel at the tranquillity that we discover by diving our heads under water, just feeling invaded by the sounds of the aquatic life that surrounds us.

We believe in the camaraderie surrounding group practice.
The Canadian community is made up of freedists from across the country and even around the world.
The pleasure of being together around our sport is a fundamental part of our practice.

The Community Spirit

"Coming from all continents, believers and non-believers, we all belong to the same planet, to the community of human beings. We must be vigilant, and defend it not only against the forces of nature that threaten it, but even more against the folly of men."

This quote from Simone Veil sums up very well what we are trying to build with the Aquarius Apnea Academy: a large community of enthusiasts from the underwater world, from all cultural backgrounds, who work together to offer activities related to snorkeling, all for the benefit of all!

Le Respect

Respect is about having a lot of consideration for the existence, ideas and opinions of others. To respect others is to treat them with dignity and honour. The word 'respect' comes from the Latin 'respectus', which means to look.

To show respect is to build a bridge to develop fruitful and healthy relationships with people. For example, in order to train to encourage others, we must first give them respect and realize that they exist and that they have value.

Respect is the basis of civility within a group and a society. It is a fundamental ingredient for the development of quality relationships and for a pleasant life

We firmly believe that the basis for the balanced development of every healthy individual rests on this fundamental notion, and we therefore all make it a point of honor to scrupulously respect this state of mind within our community.


We practice a sport that is long considered by ordinary people to be "Extreme", but we are convinced that the safe practice of our passion is an essential element for the long-term sustainability of our activities.

As safety is everyone's business, we try to instill in our community of apneists the basics of a safe practice, while holding them accountable for the role of everyone in overseeing our activities.
In addition, and in other words, the more quality apneists we train, the more our activities will be considered accessible to the greatest number of people.

We therefore ensure at all times that all our activities are carried out in optimal safety conditions, and that our participants are all fully aware that we require them to comply with the safety guidelines.