South Centre Pool (ASCCS)

Located at 2093 Visitation Street in the heart of Montreal, the South Central Sports and Community Association has a 25-metre swimming pool that fits very well with our snorkeling workouts.

It thus allows Apnea Aquarius to offer access to their pool for our members quite remarkable.

You will find CMAS or Apnea Academy training and classes, from beginner level to more experienced.

Below is an example of a description of one of our weekly workouts.

DYN and STA mixed training formula in a 25-metre pool

  • Duration: 10 weeks (10 classes per session)
  • Start: Thursday-11-January-2018 / End: Thursday-15-March-2018
  • Depth: 1 m to 3 m
  • Width: 6 water lines
  • 1 hall dedicated to the static: capacity 8 to 15 people
  • 5 lanes dedicated to the dynamics: capacity 8 to 15 people
  • Coaching: 1 monitor + 1 Assistant monitor

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